Size Is Not Everything!

billboard advert local traffic commuters advertising

Having run my own local Advertising Agency specialising in the outdoor and out of home industry, I have for the last 30 years strived to help local business understand that it is not as costly as most people think to promote their business on a billboard, bus shelter or train station for example. I think that because 90% of business who advertise within the outdoor and out of home advertising sector are national brands, local businesses automatically assume that it is not affordable to them – and this is not the case.

So the size of the business is not an indication of whether this is an affordable form of advertising, no more than the size of the advertising medium is an indication of affordability.

As the industry has grown over the last 30 years, more non traditional and innovative forms of advertising have evolved. This has meant that a lot more of your advertising spend can be placed to reach your target market in a much more productive way than used to be the case 30 years ago. When I set up Focal Point in 1987, there were literally a handful of outdoor advertising opportunities available – Billboards, Bus shelters, London Underground, Buses and Taxis and today there are over 50 services and in the region of 500 suppliers.

small but effective petrol forecourt advertNow businesses can advertise on petrol pump nozzles – one of the fastest growing forms of outdoor advertising – sandwich bags, washroom posters, beer mats, ATM machines just to name a few.

The opportunities for you to reach your target market is greater than it ever has been, more affordable than it ever has been, and please don’t think that because you see national brands primarily advertising on billboards, that it is not affordable to your business, as size is not everything.


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