Back Heathrow Digital Poster Campaign

Back Heathrow has recently booked a high impact digital poster campaign in strategic locations around Heathrow Airport to promote the importance of a new runway. This ran for a number of weeks over the early summer period and reached hundreds of thousands of high impact viewings. If you are looking to promote your business on high impact digital sites, it

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Size Is Not Everything!

Having run my own local Advertising Agency specialising in the outdoor and out of home industry, I have for the last 30 years strived to help local business understand that it is not as costly as most people think to promote their business on a billboard, bus shelter or train station for example. I think that because 90% of business

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Denise’s Birthday Surprise!

Having been involved in the poster industry for a number of years does offer some great advantages, especially when it comes to a special celebration. Richard is fortunate to know the owner of some billboards in Bracknell and May 6th, 2008 was the 50th birthday of his wife, Denise. Richard is always being accused of forgetting to get a birthday

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